Resources to Kick Off the School Year

by Eileen Buescher


We hope that you have had a smooth start to your school year. We know that learning is always happening, not only for students, but for teachers as well. To start the year off right and ensure that you also have a year of learning and growth, we have compiled a few resources from Writers Who Care.

As you are making plans for instruction this year, here are a few past blog posts that may provide you with some fresh ideas or serve as a reminder or motivation for the work that you intend to do with your students. They highlight the powerful writing that teachers and students are currently doing to promote authentic writing instruction.

Professional conferences can be an exciting learning opportunity for classroom teachers and teacher educators alike. It is a time to step away from the day-to-day grind, discover new teaching strategies, and engage in meaningful conversation with other educators about the policies and practices that impact our work. To help you secure funding and/or receive permission to attend a conference, we have created a sample letter that you can provide your administrators, which outlines the benefits of attending such professional conferences. Many of our followers have benefitted from attending the annual National Writing Project meeting and the National Conference of Teachers of English convention in the past. We thank the Teaching Professor Conference for the original model of this letter.

As always, please consider writing for the blog to share your story or research-based practices that have worked for you and your students. As we hope to spread awareness of educational policies that impact our work and advocate for authentic writing instruction in classrooms, your experience can undoubtedly help the work of others.

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