Teachers Sharing Stories for Advocacy and Transformation

To kick off the fall season, we’d like to share a recently-published article by members of the WWC editorial team (Sarah, Mark, Lindsay, Amber, and Eileen). The piece, “’The Biggest Surprise Was the Feeling of Empowerment’: Teachers Sharing Stories for Advocacy and Transformation,” appears in the September 2016 issue of Voices from the Middle, an issue focused on “Raising Our Teacher Voices.”

Our piece invites teachers to share their classroom stories in public forums, where those committed to advocacy and effective English Language Arts instruction can empathize, strategize, and celebrate the excellent work of students and teachers. Speaking back to policy through online outlets driven by narrative and informed by research, such as Writers Who Care, can effectively inform stakeholders and may serve as an avenue to affect change. We feel this is an important message for all who are beginning a new school year.

Voices from the Middle is the peer-reviewed journal of the Middle Level Section of the National Council of Teachers of English. Voices is a journal for teachers, by teachers, and offers innovative and practical ideas for classroom use, which are rooted in current research. You can contact the editors at voices@ncte.org.


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