School Writing vs. Authentic Writing

By this point in the fall, parents, students and teachers have all begun to settle into school routines. The work that is arriving home in students’ backpacks and laptops is probably more involved and extensive than it was in September. As our students begin to write more for school, we should always look carefully at the types of writing they are doing.

Ken Lindblom explores the different genres and audiences students may be asked to consider in their writing tasks. Specifically, there are differences between writing solely for school purposes, and writing for more authentic purposes and readers.

“If we want all students to learn to write to the best of their ability we must design writing assignments that excite their interests: assignments that allow students to select topics that they are interested in and that allow them to write to real audiences that they truly want to speak to.”

Read Ken’s argument and examples in “School Writing vs. Authentic Writing,” originally published in 2015.

2 thoughts on “School Writing vs. Authentic Writing

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