Calls for Blog Posts

Fall 2022: Pre-Service Teacher Call

Pre-service teachers have a unique perspective to add to the Writers Who Care blog. We would love to know more about the following:

  • How are you being taught to teach writing? What is the most exciting thing that you are learning? What is the most antiquated?
  • What kind of writing do you think your future students engage in outside of school? What can we celebrate about that writing? How might you integrate it into the classroom?
  • What kind of writing do you do? How might you continue writing as a teacher? In what ways might that writing shape your pedagogy?
  • How might you navigate the restrictions of curriculum in your school/state when it comes to teaching writing? What spaces or opportunities can you leverage to provide more opportunities for students to write?
  • What variety of strategies are you using for teaching writing while dealing with institutional policies such as standardized testing?
  • How are you embedding writing in your field experiences (internships, student teaching, etc.)?
  • What written communication do you practice for various audiences and purposes?
  • What ways do you use digital media and technology within your own writing or foster opportunities for your students to do so?
  • How are you celebrating language difference and culture in your teaching of writing?
  • How are you approaching equity and social justice in your teaching of writing?