Editorial Process

The blog is organized and run by members of the Commission on Writing Teacher Education, a working group of the Conference on English Education.  Authors – including teachers, professors, and parents – are invited to submit posts on relevant topics.  These submissions are reviewed by the editorial board and then sent for blind review to external reviewers.

Though submissions are reviewed for content and form, the organizers of the blog encourage multiple perspectives.  Publication does not necessarily mean that the content reflects the views of the editorial board.

Manuscripts may be solicited or unsolicited. Solicited manuscripts evolve from a discussion among Commission members, who agree on a list of current, relevant, and important topics. Editors request submissions from professors, teachers, other educators, or parents who can speak to these topics.

Submissions are assigned to a lead editor from the editorial board.  All posts, including those submitted by Commission members or members of the editorial board, are read by a minimum of three reviewers, with the lead editor making final decision for publication.  If a draft is accepted or if revisions are suggested, the lead editor will communicate directly with the author.  Revised drafts may be accepted directly by the lead editor, or they may be sent for another round of blind review.  When the author re-submits a revised draft suitable for publication, the lead editor completes final edits to the text.

We feel strongly that this process mirrors standard peer review in our field, and, in fact, authors (including editors who are published as authors on the blog) receive timely feedback from a minimum of three readers, two aspects of this multi-author blog that support publication in this forum as valued academic work.

Please read more about our development of this blog as an academic enterprise in “Writers Who Care: Advocacy Blogging as Teachers-Professors-Parents.”

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